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East Senior High Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Courses

Principles and Elements of Floral Design- 1 Credit


Course Number: 551501     

·        History of Floral Design

·        Keep Quality of Flowers

·        Floral Identification

·        Making corsages and boutonnières

·        Creating Homecoming Mums

·        Wedding Planning and floral designs

·        Creating symmetrical arrangements

·        Creating asymmetrical arrangements

·        Creating holiday floral designs

·        Use of color in designs

·        Basic design principles

Students will also have the opportunity to become a high school certified florist from the Texas State Florist Association.

Veterinary Medical Applications-1 Credit

(Vet Tech I)

Available at 11th and 12th grade campuses only

Course Number: 552801 


·        Describe career options in veterinary medicine

·        Understand office management at a veterinary clinic

·        Safety and Sanitation in a veterinary clinic

·        Veterinary Terminology

·        Clinical Exams

·        Posology

·        Parasitology

·        Hospital Procedures

·        Principles of Disease

·        Animal Nutrition

·        Laboratory Techniques

Students will also have the opportunity to become a certified veterinary assistant (CVA) from the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.

Practicum in Agriculture Food and Natural Resources- 2hr Credit

(Vet Tech II)

12th Grade Only

Course Number: 552901

Prerequisite: Veterinary Medical Applications

In this course students will be working off campus every day at a local veterinary clinic observing a vet and working as a veterinary assistant.



 Landscape Design & Turf Grass Management-.5 Credit

Available at 9th-12th grade campuses depending on campus.

Course Number: 55155B 


·        Plant Identification

·        Careers in Landscape

·        Site Analysis

·        Landscape Cost

·        Drafting a landscape

·        Customers wants and needs

·        Hand drafting landscapes

·        Computer Drafting using industry computer program ProLandscape

·        3D and 2D designs


Equine Science- .5 Credit

Available at 11th-12th grade campuses only

Course Number: 55145B

  • Horse Breed Characteristics
  • Horses as companion animals
  • Horses as sport animals
  • Horse judging
  • Nutritional Requirements of horses
  • Selecting horse facilities and equipment
  • Careers in Equine Science
  • Horse anatomy
  • Maintaining horse health
  • Importance of the equine industry
  • Horse Terminology


 Wildlife, Fisheries & Ecology Management-.5 Credit

Available at 9th-12th grade campuses

Course Number: 55110B

In this course students will earn the following certifications from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:

  • Hunter Safety Certification (must have to hunt in Texas)
  • Boater Safety Certification
  • Angler Education


Livestock Production (Animal Science)-.5 Credit

Available at 9th-12th grade campuses

Course Number: 55130B

·        Breeds of Livestock

·        Swine Production

·        Beef Cattle Production

·        Dairy Cattle Production

·        Lamb Production

·        Goat Production
·        Horse Production

·        Poultry Production
·        Livestock Management Practices

·        Animal Nutrition
·        Animal Reproduction
·        Livestock Marketing

·        Animal Systems

Professional Standards in Agribusiness- 1 Credit

(Leadership Development & Communications)

Available at 9th-12th grade campuses depending on campus

Course Number: 55195B

  • Leadership categories and styles
  • Personality types and their relationship to leadership
  • How to develop leaders
  • Leading teams and groups
  • Communication skills
  • Conducting successful meetings
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Self-concept, attitudes, and ethics in the workplace
  • Selecting a career and finding a job
  • Resumes, applications and interviews
  • Parliamentary Procedure


  Ag Mechanics and Metal Technology- .5 Credit

(Principles of Construction)           

Available at 11th-12th grade campuses only


Course Number: 55250B 

  • Hot and Cold Metal Techniques
  • Metal Fusion
  • Woodworking
  • Concrete Construction
  • Careers
  • Fencing Techniques
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Plumbings
  • Mechanical Safety


Small Animal Management - .5 or 1 Credit

(This class took place of Canine Science)

Available at 9th and 10th grade campuses only

Course Number: 551051 or 55105B  

  • Selection of Small Animals
  • Nutrition
  • How to develop leaders
  • Health and Management
  • Canines
  • Avian
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Ownership
  • Time management
  • Reproduction
  • Grooming
  • Felines








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